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    At Hobart Tilers, we are the leading bathroom renovation company in Hobart. No matter if you are looking for a small bathroom renovation or a large bathroom renovation, our bathroom contractors will help you fully design and successfully build dream bathrooms for Hobart homes.

    You do not have to look further than Hobart Tilers Pty Ltd for cost-effective bathroom renovations, bathroom tiling, bathroom repairs, bathroom resurfacing, renovation plumbing, bathroom remodelling, and bathroom installation services in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Our expertise stems from our passion for providing innovative bathroom renovation services. You can collaborate with our new bathroom builders to plan a bathroom layout and select fixtures, tiles, and finishes that match their idea of an elegant living space.


    Don’t let the constraints of small spaces hinder your style and creativity for the bathroom. You can transform a simple bathroom into a majestic oasis by blending various tile designs that exude elegance. Whether it is a new construction project or bathroom renovations, our bath installation process is time-tested for durability and finesse. Opt for non-slip tiles or those with anti-slip features to ensure a secure environment. Our slip-top glazed porcelain tiles, infused with a special materials improves friction in wet conditions, providing a reliable solution for your bathroom flooring needs.

    Bathroom installations from Hobart Tilers are a series of carefully planned steps that transform your bathroom into a functional and luxurious space within your home.

    Design & Planning: The process begins with an evaluation of the space and the homeowner’s requirements. Our new bathroom builders will create a detailed plan that meets your requirements and budget. They will consider the bathroom’s layout, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, lighting, ventilation, and material selections for your project.

    Permits & Approval: We will help you comply with local regulations while assisting you with getting the required permits and approvals before starting work. We begin by removing existing fixtures, floor tiles, and wall tiles while carefully demolishing the flooring and walls when renovating a bathroom.

    Plumbing & Electrical Work: Plumbing and electrical systems are installed or updated to meet design specifications. These include roughing in pipes and wiring for sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, lighting, and ventilation fans.

    Tiling, Waterproofing & Fixture Installation: The walls and floors are prepared for tiling. It may involve installing cement backer board, green board, or waterproof membranes as needed. Flooring materials like tiles, hardwood, or vinyl floors, are installed according to the design plan. Additionally, bathroom fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, and cabinetry, are also installed.

    Bathroom Tiling: Mirrors, medicine cabinets, and wall-mounted accessories are then installed, followed by the bathroom wall and floor tiles before grout is applied.

    Cabinetry & Countertops: Bathroom cabinets, vanities, and countertops are installed, followed by fitting sinks and faucets into place. Hardware, such as handles and knobs, is then attached to the cabinetry.

    Lighting & Ventilation: Lighting fixtures, like overhead lights, vanity lights, and decorative lighting, is installed. Ventilation fans are mounted to ensure proper air circulation and moisture control. After the cleanup, a final inspection ensures all work meets local building codes and regulations.

    Miscellaneous Bath Renovation | Bathroom Repairs Work in Hobart, Tasmania

    Hobart Tilers also offers miscellaneous bathroom repairs like bathroom resurfacing, leaking shower repairs, and balcony repairs as part of comprehensive bathroom renovations.

    Bathroom Resurfacing: Bathroom resurfacing helps revitalise the appearance of bathroom surfaces like tiles, bathtubs, sinks, and countertops without needing a complete replacement. This innovative approach will give your bathroom a fresh and updated look. The work starts by cleaning bathroom surfaces of dirt, soap scum, and contaminants. Cleaning promotes better adhesion during resurfacing. Any structural damages, such as chipped tiles, fixtures, or surfaces, are fixed by filling cracks or by replacing tiles. A bonding primer is then applied to the bathroom surfaces. This primer helps the resurfacing materials adhere to the old surfaces for a durable finish. Different resurfacing methods are used like tile painting with special tile paint or by using epoxy coating. In addition to tile glazing, which adds a new glaze to existing tiles, bathtubs, and sinks. The resurfaced surfaces need time to cure and dry before the final cleanup.

    Balcony Repairs: Balcony repairs are necessary to maintain the structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics of balconies in residential and commercial buildings. Balconies deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements. Our personnel will conduct a detailed investigation to assess for structural damage. Structural issues, such as cracks, rot, or damage to load-bearing components, are addressed first. It is followed by repairing damaged beams or posts. Any damaged or deteriorated surface materials, such as tiles, decking, or concrete, are repaired or replaced. We will apply waterproof membranes, seal joints, seams, and connections since waterproofing is critical to prevent problems like water ingress.

    Leaking Shower Repairs: Leaking shower repairs help address leaks from damaged waterproofing, faulty plumbing, or deteriorating tiles and grout. It helps prevent water damage, mould growth, and damage to bathroom structures. As a first step, our bathroom experts will identify the cause of the shower leak by examining signs of cracks or deterioration. They will also check plumbing systems, like the showerhead, faucet, pipes, and drains. Any plumbing problems identified are repaired or replaced as needed. After repairs, the shower area is regrouted and sealed to create a waterproof finish.

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    Hobart Tilers has a track record of successfully completing bathroom renovation or bathroom remodelling projects in Hobart, Tasmania. Customers have depended on us to deliver high-quality work since we are adept at being flexible with client demands. Make an informed choice and choose us for all bath renovation work today. To speak to our customer service executives, please call 0470 030 688 Or email us at [email protected] for a no-obligation quote in Hobart, Tasmania.

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